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Facial Toner ÉQUILIBRE

Aloe Vera + Lemon

100% Natural & Botanical

FOR: All skin types, beneficial for combination, oily, acne and congested skin

Équilibre is a purifying and toning floral tonic. Perfect for skins lacking radiance, combination, oily and acne-prone skin. It purifies your skin while stimulating healing and relieving irritation. It is also astringent and it tightens the pores of the dilated skin.

Our facial toners are an important step in any facial routine, they help restore the natural pH of the skin after cleansing, increase the level of moisture in your skin, tighten your skin pores and prepare to receive a moisturizer. You can also use it during the day for a boost of freshness and hydration.

Flash Facts

+ Soothing, it relieves irritation of the skin and calm inflammation

+ Purifying, it has an antibacterial activity. It cleans and softens the skin

+ Regenerating, helps fight against the appearance of wrinkles. It stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, collagen synthesis, and hyaluronic acid.

+ Astringent, purifying and tonic, it tightens pores

All our products are made from 100% pure plant oils and extracts. Ingredient benefits include: :

+ Aloe Leaf Juice: Excellent moisturizer, it helps to compensate for water loss from the skin. Nutritious, it provides the skin with essential vitamins and traces elements to its beauty. Healing skin stimulates skin repair and accelerates the microcirculation. Soothing, it calms inflammation and relieves irritation of the skin. It stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, collagen synthesis, and hyaluronic acid. Purifying, it has anti-bacterial activity.

+ Lavender Floral Water: Healing, it facilitates the repair of small imperfections of the skin. Regenerating, it helps to fight against the appearance of wrinkles. Refreshing, it soothes redness, sunburn, itching, and irritation. Astringent is an excellent tonic for all skin types.

+ Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) water : Astringent, purifying and toning skin, it tightens pores. Soothing, it soothes skin irritations. Circulatory, it activates the micro-circulation and firms the skin. Venous tonic, it promotes circulation and relieves heavy legs, edema, varicose veins.

+ Essential Oil of Lemon Myrtle: Antiseptic and powerful antifungal

+ Essential Oil of Lavender: Healing and regenerative skin cut powerful.

USE: Spray freely on your face freshly clean, then apply your vegetable serum according to your skin type. Perfect as a substitute for water with our masks. Can also be applied to the skin after sun exposure. Our facial toners are also used during the day, you can also use as body fog and on the pillows before going to bed. For maximum freshness, you can leave them in the fridge.


Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Lavendula angustofolia (Lavender) Floral Water, Hamamelis virginiana (Hamamélis) Water, Huile Essentiel de Myrte Citronnée*, Huile Essentiel de Lavande, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

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