Our Story

Our early years as Anakiel

The Anakiel adventure began after the birth of my children. As I became increasingly aware of the importance of knowing the composition of the products we used on our little ones' skin, the search began. I found that the majority of products recommended for healing and caring for our children's skin were harmful. I felt the need to find a natural solution to heal and soothe their eczema.

I spent over two years researching, testing, and educating myself to find the best formula. I finally succeeded and discovered the MAGICAL recipe for their delicate skin. Our famous MAGIC BALM was born, along with a growing passion to offer healthy and safe skin care for everyone. That's how the idea of creating an exceptional range of products sprouted, and Anakiel was founded.

In September 2014, the Anakiel adventure was born out of my passion for creating effective, simple, healthy, and safe products for the whole family. My thirst for learning and my desire to educate people were the driving forces behind this heartfelt business that means so much to me. From 2014 to March 2023, Anakiel grew, evolved, and changed, but always remained a range that cared deeply about the skin and health of its community. We pioneered many formulations in the Quebec market and earned a loyal clientele over the years.

Anakiel becomes Baume & co.

Early 2023 was a pivotal moment, bringing long periods of questioning due to an incapacitating injury to our owner and founder, Natacha. Having been unable to work for over 2 months, a solution had to be found for the future of the brand's adventure.

Thus, in late March, the announcement was made that Anakiel would close its doors, giving birth to Baume & co., an entirely new company that focuses exclusively on the Magic Balm, the flagship product for nearly 10 years at Anakiel, and a version of the product in stick form for athletes, the Mighty Balm.

It is an entirely new adventure beginning with two exceptional products: the Magic Balm and the Mighty Balm.